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College Basketball
Ratings Percentage Index (RPI)
Team RPI
1. Kansas
2. Duke
3. Kentucky
4. West Virginia
5. Kansas State
6. Syracuse
7. Butler
8. Baylor
9. Purdue
10. Tennessee
Conference RPI
1. Big XII
2. ACC
3. Big East
4. SEC
5. Big Ten
6. Atlantic 10
7. Missouri Valley
8. Mountain West
9. Pac 10
10. Western Athletic

College Basketball
Week Final Polls (AP - Mar. 15 & Coaches - Apr. 6)
1. Kansas
2. Kentucky
3. Duke
4. Syracuse
5. Ohio State
6. West Virginia
7. Kansas State
8. New Mexico
9. Villanova
10. Purdue
1. Duke
2. Butler
3. West Virginia
4. Michigan State
5. Kentucky
6. Kansas
7. Kansas State
8. Syracuse
9. Tennessee
10. Baylor

College Basketball
Three, Four, and Five Loss Teams
1. Kentucky 35-3
2. Kansas 33-3
3. Duke 35-5
4. Butler 33-5
5. New Mexico 30-5
6. Northern Iowa 30-5
7. Syracuse 30-5
8. Murray State 29-5
9. Cornell 27-5

College Basketball
The 30 Win Club
(Division I games only)
35 Duke Kentucky
33 Butler Kansas
31 West Virginia
30 New Mexico Northern Iowa

College Basketball
Nolan Power Index (NPI)
Team NPI
1. Kansas
2. Duke
3. Kentucky
4. Syracuse
5. Butler
6. Cornell
7. West Virginia
8. BYU
9. Kansas State
10. Temple
Conference NPI
1. Big XII
2. ACC
3. Big East
4. SEC
5. Big Ten
6. Mountain West
7. Atlantic 10
8. Pac 10
9. Missouri Valley
10. Western Athletic

Keldon Johnson was a fan of Jodie Meeks, wants this UK team to keep fighting

It turns out that the man that might be Kentucky's most talented scorer this coming year is actually a huge fan of a former Kentucky great. Keldon Johnson revealed on CoachCal.com's Meet the Wildcats series that he was a huge fan of Kentucky, and Jodie Meeks' 54-point game against the Tennessee More @ Yahoo! Sports

What Stone Gettings' commitment means for Arizona

The Arizona Wildcats filled their final scholarship vacancy Monday when they received a commitment from Cornell graduate transfer Stone Gettings. The 6-foot-8 forward was second team All-Ivy League last season, averaging 16.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game. Unlike most grad transfers, More @ Yahoo! Sports

Don't mess with history, say those opposed to NAIA tournament changes

With one bracket size in all but the first season of its 81-year history, the NAIA men's basketball championship format has been a monument to consistency in Kansas City. But a major change is on the horizon. The number of teams arriving for the final will be sliced by half in 2021. Instead of 32 More @ Yahoo! Sports

Kentucky Basketball is not switching to Jumpman uniforms

One of the most-noticed things from videos and photos of Kentucky basketball's early practices this summer has been the fact that the players are wearing Jordan Brand gear. This led people to believe that Kentucky basketball would be switching to Jordan Brand uniforms, something we've seen from More @ Yahoo! Sports

Sonoran Sisu and Arizona Athletics

When Lauri Markkanen declared for the NBA Draft in March of 2017 after a standout season at the University of Arizona, he shared a particular Finnish teaching at his press conference. It was a word that he and his head coach, Sean Miller, had bonded over during the season. Markkanen, smiling at the room More @ Yahoo! Sports

College Basketball
Division I Games Played
5759 / 5766

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